Aal Bazar

Chor Bazaar Hyderabad Timing Yet, in other parts of the city such as Pondy Bazaar, stores had run out of hand sanitisers. Coronavirus outbreak:

“There is also no headway in heritage projects of Mubarak Mandi and Raghunath Bazaar, though all paper work and funds were.

Style Bazaar’s panel awarded seven women across various industries.

These awards are intended to celebrate all women,

CHENNAI: The rooms and corridors of the CP Art Centre, playing host to the CP Ramaswamy Iyer Foundation’s annual Women’s.

Mix - All bazaarCoronavirus fear dims Holi colours in Assam – Basudev Das, a vendor of Fancy Bazar, said, “Holi is an occasion when one cheers.

Jagannath Kalita, another vendor from.

There are two trade associations in Paharganj area – Paharganj Shopkeepers Welfare Association and the other Main Market Bazar Mandal, Paharganj who have told shops and hotels.

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“A BAMS doctor, Dr Jeevan Jalchhattri used to run his clinic at Bazaar Chowk in Bhatagaon locality of the city. Around 6 pm four persons entered his clinic and after some arguments stabbed him,”.

President of Raghunath Bazar Businessmen Association, Surinder Mahajan said business in Jammu has been.

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One woman feared that, with Sadar Bazar being Asia’s largest wholesale market.

There was a Hindu-Muslim argument, and the.