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All restaurant owners are acutely aware that once the markets re-open it will be some time before business picks up. Walia.

Canadian flights have already left for countries like Spain, Morocco, Peru, and Ecuador. US citizens registered for the STEP.

OMC - How BizarreNow call mobile rythu bazaar to your area – Such residents could call on mobile number 7330733212 to register their locality or apartment name for the arrival of mobile.

These teams are now concentrated on the slum pockets and in about eight days, all slums will be covered. Our next target for.

All Bajar Com Religious wars, global terrorism, pandemics, and genocide have all helped to usher in the Anxiety Age. Who better to lead

Zaveri Bazaar, once known as the hub for goldsmiths in India.

On a street across the road, Shahul (40) says, “All we want.

Big Bazaar has initiated doorstep delivery services in Mumbai amid the lockdown. Big Bazaar shared contact details of all the.

Airtel CEO outlined steps that the company has taken to ensure that users remain connected with their loved ones and are able.

A corporate-powered, decentralised agri-produce marketing system is proving to be a complete failure during the current COVID.

Dl Bazaar Thiel: Irvin gets Hawks encore, Clowney a pause – In the official start Wednesday to the NFL free agent bazaar,